About Us

Massey Ventures Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Massey University, and is the vehicle for managing the University’s commercial investments. Our job is to commercialise intellectual property and innovative research within the University. To achieve this, we work with Massey researchers and inventors to guide them through the commercialisation process and turn their innovative ideas into real-world commercial opportunities.

We also provide access to early stage investment to support the development of commercially promising ideas through Massey Ventures and our investor network. Massey Ventures holds equity in a range of companies that have been spun out of the University and manage this portfolio to deliver shareholder benefits. 


Our Expertise


Protecting your ideas

Protecting your innovative ideas and research is a key part of successful commercialisation. At Massey Ventures we work with you to identify, protect, and manage the intellectual property (IP) behind your ideas. The first step involves submitting an invention disclosure to the Massey commercialisation office. An invention disclosure is a confidential document that addresses the technical aspects of your invention or idea and legal matters such as IP ownership. 

Submitting an invention disclosure is the first step in the commercialisation journey and enables Massey Ventures to offer advice and assistance to grow your ideas. If you are a researcher at Massey University (Staff or Student) you can submit a confidential Invention Disclosure here.


You can read more about intellectual property at Massey and the benefits for academics, or contact the team at Massey Ventures to find out more.


Assessing the potential

Once the invention disclosure is submitted, the team at Massey Ventures works with you to evaluate your idea or invention and assess whether it shows commercial potential. This includes a broad assessment of technological factors relating to your invention as well as the attractiveness of the potential market. This is an opportunity to fine-tune your invention and identify the best way forward.


Accessing funding

Throughout this journey, you have access to funding through Massey Ventures and our investor network to develop your invention, including up to $80,000 in PreSeed funding. Our industry networks also enable external investment partners that can provide a direct route to market.


What is PreSeed funding?

The PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PreSeed) is investment provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

PreSeed investment provides publicly funded research organisations with funding they can allocate on MBIE’s behalf for early-stage commercialisation of new ideas.

PreSeed funding is intended to stimulate and attract investor interest to publicly funded research and development. PreSeed seeks to:

  • maximise the commercial benefits to New Zealand of previously publicly funded research
  • raise public sector providers' commercial capabilities and skills
  • improve public sector research providers' links with potential private sector partners.

Learn more about PreSeed and our partner Kiwinet


Commercialisation Strategy and Negotiation

Massey Ventures has experienced staff with the knowledge and skills to make to most of your invention’s commercial opportunities. Throughout your commercialisation journey you have access to the experienced team at Massey Ventures as well as a project manager assigned to you. The project manager’s role is to guide researchers through your commercialisation journey, develop the commercial potential of your invention, and ultimately help you get the best deal for your hard work.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

With a wealth of commercialisation expertise, Massey Ventures Ltd can help turn your innovative research into commercial opportunities.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Learn about how Massey Ventures has helped researchers within the University turn their innovative ideas into commercial successes.