Intellectual property management

Massey Ventures is committed to translating innovative academic research into commercial opportunities, through existing commercial enterprises or new ventures. Our goal is to create and transfer knowledge for the benefit of New Zealand.

One of the key challenges in developing commercial opportunities is the effective management of intellectual property (IP).

The rights in ownership of intellectual property (IP) are subject to the Massey University Intellectual Property Policy. Massey's policy ensures that IP generated by university staff and students is used to maximise the flow of benefits to the community. The provisions of the policy enable staff and students to benefit from their commercially viable activities while protecting the rights of staff, students and the university as well as enhancing Massey's reputation. The IP generated may take a range of forms, including patents, design registrations, trademarks and know how (trade secrets).

In situations where project funding and support is provided by another organisation, that organisation may, as a condition of the support it provides, seek alternative arrangements for the ownership of IP. Such arrangements, including the identification of Massey University’s background IP, must be fully documented before commencing the work.

There is no doubt that having a strong IP position is favoured by commercial partners and investors, yet there is often concern expressed that protection of IP and publishing research are incompatible. This is not our experience and we can point to many examples where staff have been able to achieve both outcomes very successfully with some careful planning.

The cost of protecting IP can be significant and Massey Ventures and the university's commercialisation office have funding available to cover these costs in most cases. Please contact the commercialisation staff at an early stage to discuss IP management.

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